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Natural Disasters and Their Effect on the Macro Economy free essay sample

Cataclysmic events can have both a positive and negative effect on the neighborhood, national and the worldwide economy. Anyway it is uncommon, yet not feasible, to see the positive effect it might have on an economy. For example, when fiasco struck in Haiti from the 7. 3 size quake in 2010, between 200,000-250,000 individuals were slaughtered. That is 2 percent of the complete Haitian populace of just 10 million. Relatively New York City alone sums almost as much as the whole populace of Haiti with around 8. 2 million individuals (U. S. Registration Bureau, 2010). The Inter-American Development Bank evaluated that it cost 8.5 billion dollars in harm to Haitis economy. The tremor caused the countrys (GDP) to contract 5. 1 percent that year. Taking into account that Haiti’s economy just delivered 12 billion dollars in 2008, 8. 5 billion dollars is a tremendous shortfall to the general creation and usefulness of their monetary and social development. That is not exactly a tenth of a percent of U. S. Gross domestic product of 14 trillion dollars, however Haiti’s GDP per capita is just 1,300 dollars contrasted with more than 40,000 dollars for each individual in the U. S. (CIA. gov). With the entirety of this stated, Haiti got almost fifteen billion dollars through gifts. So in spite of the fact that there was cataclysmic and unfortunate misfortunes to both the social and financial boost, on gifts alone, Haiti had the option to get three billion dollars more than even their greatest year in 2008 with just twelve billion dollars. Proposing a hypothetical circumstance, if a quake wrecked capital stock yet left the work power unblemished, the genuine rental cost of capital would increment. The genuine rental value approaches the negligible result of capital and having less capital stock accessible raises the peripheral result of capital and in this way, raises its genuine rental cost. This circumstance would likewise make the work power bigger corresponding to accessible capital. Since this would prompt a declining negligible result of work as laborers have less hardware to utilize, the genuine pay would diminish too. Because of rising total populace, environmental change, and ecological corruption, catastrophic events are expanding in recurrence. They are likewise getting costlier and deadlier, as indicated by Swiss Re, a reinsurance organization; the U. S. endured an expense of 145 billion dollars in 2004, which was up from 65 billion dollars in 2003. In 2009, cataclysmic events cost safety net providers around 110 billion dollars. In 2010, the cost was twofold that, at 218 billion dollars. So as should be obvious, in the previous 10 years there have been hops almost multiplying the cost that a nation experiences to cataclysmic events year to year. As indicated by the World Bank, there are a few factors that influence a country’s defenselessness to cataclysmic events: its geographic size, the sort of calamity, the quality and structure of its economy, and winning financial conditions. In a globalized economy, every one of these elements, just as others, likewise play into how the world’s funds will be influenced. A typical conviction is that transient financial hits after a fiasco, even those as extensive as this year’s seismic tremor and torrent in Japan or Hurricane Katrina in the U. S. in 2005 are more than balance by the reproduction blast that follows. Anyway this is just in nations that are enormous and rich enough to have momentary adjustment to the quick financial hit. The idea of the calamity and the size of the casualty include in an economy are key while deciding if catastrophic events negatively affect macroeconomic development. So in a nation, for example, Haiti and their deplorable seismic tremor, albeit a great deal of cash was siphoned into the economy so as to help in the modifying, that doesn't do a lot of when they are still needing the best possible labor that can deliver new turn of events or thoughts for revamping the structures that were annihilated. Occurrences of cataclysmic events have expanded by 30 percent since the 1960s, and hazard demonstrating organizations have raised the probability of a Katrina-like occasion happening once like clockwork, as opposed to once like clockwork (SKOUFIAS, 2003). As a result of the chance of enormous cataclysmic events happening all the more regularly just as increasingly visit littler catastrophic events happening, by what method will the economy be influenced? Particularly if before the recreation both socially and financially is done from the first fiasco, another strikes in a similar zone. Another difficult that is confronted with monetary ruins because of catastrophic events is the way different nations may see the security of that nation. For instance, 75 percent of Haiti’s national pay got through the fare of retail attire to the United States. If Haiti somehow managed to have any sort of littler fiascos before they can appropriately revamp their financial and working networks, at that point different nations will just consider them to be a reoccurring high-chance speculation and will no longer hope to put resources into Haiti, just developing their unrest from a monetary stance. Dry spells can't be overlooked either. 2010 set precedents as the most sizzling year in perhaps the most sultry decade ever. Environmental change, exacerbated by the impacts of El Nino, started off a progression of worldwide warmth waves. In Pakistan, temperatures rose to 128. 3 degrees Fahrenheit on May 26, the most noteworthy temperature found in Asia. Russia was tormented by a progression of out of control fires, decimating yields and forest, and covering urban communities in exhaust cloud. Individuals across Europe must be hospitalized for heat strokes and parchedness as cooling neglected to bring alleviation. Asia had one of the most extreme dry spells over the globe. The dry season caused an expected 3. 5 million dollars in quick harm, both to horticulture and to the country’s hydroelectric division. There are additionally other uncounted misfortunes, yet at the same time genuine expenses from the dry spell: a dry season can bring down the general efficiency of land because of disintegration and topsoil misfortune. It can diminish the numbers in domesticated animals groups, which the greater part of Asia depends on for ordinary living needs just as monetary pay. Prior to the furthest limit of the late spring, the loss of life would ascend into the thousands. 15 million individuals were cleared, and over a million homes wrecked. Almost 34 million sections of land of yields were influenced by floodwaters, with at any rate 2,000,000 totally pulverized. By August, direct harm from the floods was assessed at $41 billion. This is something that influenced the overall horticultural need and request (PreventionWeb, 2010). Demonstrating the damaging intensity of cataclysmic events, even in exceptionally created countries, Hurricane Katrina squashed the inlet coast. Only east of the Bahamas on August 24, 2005 a little, improbable tropical melancholy heightened into a hurricane which was given the name Katrina. This tempest gradually advanced toward Florida’s southern coast on the 25th where most specialists accepted the tempest would disperse. Shockingly, Katrina’s way took it over the everglades permitting it to keep up its class 1 standing that it had gained before it initially made landfall, at that point entered the Gulf of Mexico. The warm waters of the Gulf encouraged the fast improvement of Katrina (Kempler 2010). The above picture shows Hurricane Katrina at the stature of her capacity. Assessments had Katrina making landfall as a classification 4, however fortunately it debilitated a piece and before it rolled in as a solid classification 3. Katrina got been liable for an expected 1,800 passings, just as 100 billion dollars aggregate in harms, of which about 60percent were uninsured misfortunes. A few financial specialists would put the complete monetary misfortune at around 250 Billion dollars (Amadeo 2011). That made Katrina the most ruinous cataclysmic event at any point to hit the United States. With all of Katrina’s obliteration, the momentary impacts on the economy were extremely obvious. Just a single year after the catastrophe the United States, the economy had returned to typical. In the initial seventy five percent of 2006 the United States had GDP development of 5. 6 percent, probably the most quick development as of late (Herman 2006). Despite the fact that the country in general made a snappy financial recuperation after Katrina, areas that were struck legitimately, as New Orleans, didn't make the turnaround very as quickly as trusted. The initial scarcely any months after Katrina the United States economy went into a descending pattern. The GDP development rate dropped from the 4. 2 percent that it had encountered in the initial seventy five percent to 1. 8 percent in the last quarter of 2005. The purpose behind this effect goes past the obliteration of property and the essential monetary concern; the loss of merchandise and creation abilities (Herman 2006). Maybe the most significant asset that the inlet district produces is oil. The bay makes up around 30 percent of America’s oil creation and appropriation. The impacts of Katrina brought about the devastation of 113 seaward stages, and almost 500 oil and gas pipelines (Amadeo 2011). The loss of this creation prompted an intense increment in gas costs taking off to more than 4 dollars for every gallon. This extraordinary ascent in costs made a frenzy, and individuals hurried to the corner stores to top off before costs rose once more, making enormous lines and much discussion about the bleak estimate of financial hardships come. The main positive outcome from the expanding gas costs was the point at which the Federal government opened the vital petrollium holds. This expansion in fuel costs shockingly didn't have as quite a bit of an effect as theorists dreaded, other than people’s attitude toward the circumstance. There were some effects.mthough generally food cost focused. The three fundamental products that saw a striking effect were the costs of bananas, rice and sugar (Leibtag 2006). The essential purpose behind the expansion in the rice and sugar costs is on the grounds that the Louisiana Mississippi territory is liable for 85 percent of the sugar st ick creation, and 14 percent of the rice creation in the United States (Leib

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Outsourcing in Business Organization-Free-Samples for Students

Question: Examine about the favorable circumstances and Disadvantages of redistributing in any Business Organization. Answer: I have been occupied with the conduction of the exploration venture that means to examine the favorable circumstances and detriments of re-appropriating in any business association throughout 12 weeks. I might want to make reference to here that the examination experience has been to a great extent advantageous to me as it has empowered me to advance my exploration aptitudes, and the direct research experience has been out and out an inestimable encounter for me. As a component of my scholarly educational plan, just as out of my profoundly established enthusiasm for the redistributing exercises of the business endeavors, I set into the undertaking to look at the preferences and disservices of utilizing the utilization of re-appropriating, with exceptional reference to retail mammoth Telstra. Albeit at first I didn't have any earlier information in inquire about and thus came up short on the mental fortitude to do the exploration certainly, my educator just as friends generally helped me gain knowledge into the examination procedures, and complete the exploration effectively. Here, I will portray my exploration experience, as got through the concerned research. In any case, I might want to express that an extremely familiar adage has it Give me a fish and I eat today. Show me how to fish and I will eat for a lifetime. So far I had found out about an assortment of significant business hypotheses and ideas, however never had I had the option to utilize my existent information so as to make new wellspring of data. My insight has essentially stayed bound to the class notes and study materials I used to obtain entrance by means of the online database of our libraries. Be that as it may, the above all else thing that I get the hang of during Week 1, was the significance of growing new thoughts from the existent information, so as to add to the existent information. During Week 3 to Week 6, I was being instructed about the strategies for directing writing audit, so as to get an unmistakable understanding into the focal thoughts, key subjects and the hypothetical models of the examination point. At first, I couldn't grow new thoughts from the wide scope of fluctuated thoughts I was being presented to. In any case, before the finish of Week 7, I took during the time spent distinguishing the examination hole that should be tended to first, before characterizing the exploration points and destinations. I discovered that it isn't adequate to experience a wide scope of data, yet I likewise expected to perceive what was not being examined, or which part of the concerned subject, could at present be investigated by me. Not just in this way, I might likewise want to make reference to here that gradually the examination itself formed into something shockingly concentrated. At times it was troublesome swimming through the insightful research, getting hung up on new words or ideas, or basically losing all sense of direction in the arrangement and outlandish exchange. I frequently got baffled and overpowered also. In any case, during the time spent leading the examination, I took in the significance of working dedicatedly and in a sorted out manner towards the achievement of a solitary objective despite the fact that the whole procedure may appear tedious. The examination had instructed me to work perseveringly. While looking to discover the solution to my exploration questions, I figured out how to access an assortment of scholarly articles and investigate the equivalent, to remove the most crucial data. At first, I didn't use to access an assortment of articles, and attempted to concentrate exclusively on the class noted gave by our instructor. Be that as it may, before the finish of Week 7, I had extended the skyline of my insight, by accessing a wide assortment of abstract articles, unpublished diaries, organization reports of Telstra and different organizations just as disconnected books. Just because, did I understand the significance of directing an examination autonomously, totally dependent on singular endeavors and difficult work. I not just obtained hypothetical research information before the finish of Week 9, yet my exploration application abilities had likewise generally improved. The exploration helped me gain understanding into an assortment of significant research ideas, for example, essential and auxiliary information, information assortment and information examination strategies just as research confinements. At first, I was unconscious of the examination methods, and began feeling unconcerned towards look into. Be that as it may, before the finish of Week 7, I increased a lot of research capability that helped in stimulating my eagerness for finishing the examination. Aside from the scholarly information, I likewise took in the significance of duty, persistence and inspiration in finishing an exploration work. Nonetheless, I might want to state here that the exploration experience has been useful for me, as it familiar me with a portion of the vital research ideas. Prior to undertaking the concerned research, I was totally ignorant of the fundamental research terms, for example, scholastic wrongdoing, counterfeiting and investigate morals. In any case, before the finish of Week 12, after the consummation of the Assessment 1 and Assessment 2, I created broad information about these terms. I understood that we are being disallowed from delivering the specific hypothetical definition gave by the scientists, precisely in their words, and that we have to summarize the equivalent, while composing the examination paper. Likewise, I additionally found out about the copyright infringement checking programming Turnitin that assists with checking the literary theft score of the submitted look into paper. During Week 5, I was likewise being prescribed to take an interest in a couple of courses and workshops that additionally helped in building up my examination abilities extending my insight with respect to the exploration ideas. Once more, I might likewise want to specify here cap during my adapting course in Week 9, I found out about the methods of upgrading the believability of my exploration information. During this time, I discovered that we have to distinguish mistakes, assuming any, existent inside the exploration procedure, and dispose of the equivalent to forestall the chance of negative derivation, by boosting the quantity of scholarly sources checked on. Thus, I likewise found out about the significance of perusing, surveying and assessing greatest number of scholarly articles and diaries for improving the believability of my exploration decision. There is no reason for expressing the undeniable actuality that I was unquestionably ready to determine huge measure of information about the examination strategies, look into ideal models and research standards after the finishing of this multi week instructing period. The information and the riches f data with respect to the exploration procedures that I have had the option to obtain through the Assessment 1 and Assessment 2 will without a doubt help me in future. It isn't just useful to me as far as my scholastic educational plan yet additionally for my future vocation. Having experienced an expansiveness of data, my basic examination and hierarchical abilities have improved massively. I figured out how to direct academic researchindependently. I wish to turn into an examination researcher in future, and use my as of late procured information in explore abilities, to lead inquire about in future on an assortment of themes. Truth be told, my examination experience has permitted me to learn more than I had the option to do in normal coursework, by giving me hands-on involvement with planning the tests, and essentially learning and making sense of things as I went along.Besides, the top to bottom information in regards to the exploration point, will likewise help me in the event that I seek after my elective course of profession in future-business person. All said and done, I don't stop for a second to state here that the concerned research venture has been the most significant part pf my undergrad concentrates as it has supplied me with an assortment of research ability, information and skill that will assist me with directing examination freely in future.

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College Paper Help - Tips For Writing an Essay

College Paper Help - Tips For Writing an EssayWith the help of the College paper help and tips, you can avoid as much as possible the stressful process of taking that dreaded college essay test. Students like yourself are encouraged to master the skills necessary for a good result in the College Writing Exam (CWE).Every student has a basic plan when they apply for a CWE. A good basic plan is what most students will follow. But there are certain important factors to keep in mind when you're writing your essays. You have to carefully consider your topic of choice, how to approach the writer's room, the use of thesis statements, facts, figures, supporting information, and critical thinking skills.First, consider how to tackle a particular section of the exam. If your topic is an academic issue, you may want to take a look at the topic outlines and read through the directions as much as possible to get a better idea of how you will go about tackling the section. Most exams are structured in a similar way and you can use the CWE to know where to start and end.Second, consider how you'll approach the writer's room. Will you be placing an essay due date on your calendar? The better you understand your assignment, the easier it will be to organize your time and arrive at an optimal schedule.Third, take advantage of the tools available to you in preparation for the CWE. If you're familiar with the process of writing an essay, you can often help yourself by making notes or preparing a sample essay. There are many websites available to make the experience easier and more enjoyable.Fourth, do your best to provide a thorough research before the exam starts. Having done your homework, the sooner you know what to expect, the sooner you can begin studying and preparing.Finally, if you are not sure whether you need to take the CWE, check your grades. If your grades are not high enough to pass the written portion of the CWE, then you probably do not need to take the test. As lon g as you've completed the requirements, you can usually take the written test with the grade that was required in order to do well on the entire exam.Although there are many ways to help yourself during the CWE, knowing the basics is the most important aspect. Taking your college essay practice tests is the best way to develop the skills needed.

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The Athenian Assembly Of Build A Fleet Of Triremes

According to Herodotus Histories book he states â€Å"Themistocles convinces the Athenian assembly to build a fleet of triremes†, which will be explained more as you read on. Both sides had very similar ships - the Triremes- which were 40-50 ton wooden warships up to 40 m long. Light, streamlined, and manoeuvrable, they were powered in battle by 170 oarsmen split in three ranks down each side of the ship. They were able to rapidly accelerate, break, zigzag, and turn 360 degrees in just two ships’ lengths, good seamanship could place the vessel to best advantage and employ the principal strategy of naval warfare at that time which was to ram the enemy. The way the Greeks prepared for the battle was, they had 371 triremes and pentekonters which were smaller fifty- oared ship, successfully under Themistocles, but officially led by the spartan Eurybiades. According to Herodotus he mentions that â€Å"The Athenians with 182 ships, half the whole fleet, - 40 from Corinth; 3 0 from Aegina; 20 from Megara; 20 from Chalcis; 16 from Lacedaemon (Sparta), 15 from Sicyon; 10 from Epidaurus; 7 from Ambracia; 7 from Eretria; 5 from Troezen; 4 from Naxos; 3 from Hermione; 3 from Leucas; 2 from Ceos; 2 from Styra; 1 from Croton; and 1 from Cynthus. The total number of warships was 368†. Herodotus also mentions the Persians fleet: â€Å"1,327 warships from the Persian allies and subjugated states present at Salamis. These included 300 from Phoenicia; 260 from the Greek cities in Asia Minor; 237 from theShow MoreRelatedThe Role of Themistocles in the Greek Defeat of the Persians in 480 - 479 BC.1486 Words   |  6 PagesDarius past defeats, vowed to extend the empire further west into the lands of Greece though was unsuccessful. His failure is largely attributed to the foresight and strategies of a respectable, wealthy Athenian citizen, Themistocles. Themistocles strengthening of the Athenian navy and unification of Greek states in the Panhellenic League along with his strategies in the battles of Thermopylae, Artemisium the pivotal Greek naval triumph at Salamis, all contributed to the ultimateRead MoreThe Greeks : The World s First Inventors Of Democracy, Politics, And Art1349 Words   |  6 Pagesis said to believed that is was Athens first step to an empire and glory. It was also the first time that the people had turned on its ruler and seized power for themselves. Cleisthenes was recalled from exile and asked by the people of Athens to build a government. They would meet at a meeting rock were Cleisthenes instituted the first vote. The people of Athens and Greece would soon come to know of a new threat trying to over throw them from power, The Persians. The Persians empire spread fromRead MoreAssess the reasons for the Greek victory over the Persians in 490 to 480/479 BC. Make a judgement based on outcome, results and values.2658 Words   |  11 Pagesfrom Miltiades who had in depth experience in Persian combat. As opposed to the Persians, the Greeks were willing to co operate in the defence of their country which directly lead to their success. Both Callimachus and Miltiades convinced the Athenian Assembly to send an army to Marathon. At Marathon, the 10 strategoi were equally divided in decision as to whether to attack the Persians or retreat, as they were heavily outnumbered. A decision was made to attack, and each of the generals was given one

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The Financial Crisis Of 2007 And 2009 - 1594 Words

Prior to the crisis in 1907, individual banks such as JP Morgan and the reserve banks of New York were considered full service financial institutions. In the year 1913, the Federal Reserve System was created by congress to help stabilize the financial market by acting as the lender of last resort to the banking institutions ( Nonetheless the great depression still hit the economy between 1929 and 1933 which led to the stock market crash and market share value decrease by 80% ( By the 1980s, the economy had stabilized again and there was increase in computer analysis, electronic information transfer, increased importance of global markets and deregulation of financial institutions. The financial crisis of 2007 and 2009 was the worst since the great depression. It was not a single event but a series of crises whose seeds had been planted in yet another recession of 2001 and the era of the internet bubble years earlier (Bodie, Kane, Marcus, 2011). One of the reasons for the crisis was the rise in subprime lending. Subprime loans were offered to individuals who did not qualify for prime rate loans and carried a higher rate of interest than prime loans (Gilbert, 2011). Another reason behind the subprime mortgage crisis is argued to have been due to the lack of ethics and poor policies such as the Goldman rule which encouraged pursuit of profitable opportunities irrespective of the effects on others (Watkins, 2011). The crises impacted theShow MoreRelatedThe Financial Crisis Of 2007-20091490 Words   |  6 PagesThe financial crisis of 2007-2009 resulted from a variety of external factors and market incentives, in combination with the housing price bubble in the United States. When high levels of bank and consumer leverage appeared, rising consumption caused increasingly risky lending, shown in the laxity in the standard of securities screening and riskier mortgages. As a consequence, the high default rate of these risky subprime mortgages incurred the burst of the housing bubble and increased defaultsRead MoreThe Financial Crisis of 2007-2009526 Words   |  2 Pagesfar the worst financial crisis that it has ever encountered, which was called The Great Depression, but the second worst was not that long ago. During the Financial Crisis of 2007-2009 the United States had a chain of banking failures and a tremendous growth of liability in the federal budget. However, the government had stepped in to prevent some of these failures and through this the concept of â€Å"Too Big To Fail† was created. â€Å"Too Big To Fail† is a concept where a business or financial institutionRead MoreFinancial Crisis Between 2007 And 2009 Essay1331 Words   |  6 PagesFinancial Crisis between 2007 and 2009 was the worst economic crisis after the Great Depression in 1930s. This crisis was a worldwide crisis as it affected the financial system globally and led to collapse in economy. Financial intermediation is a process of banks that take funds from the depositor and lend them out to the borrower. In the financial transaction, financial intermediary acts as the middleman between two parties. Commercial bank, investment banks, pension funds are the example for financialRead MoreWhat Was the Main Cause of the Financial Crisis in 2007-2009?1989 Words   |  8 PagesThe intention of this essay is to provide an in depth and critical analysis of the financial crisis that took place between 2007-2009, in particular focusing on some key issues raised by the Foote, Gerardi and Willen paper †˜Why did so many people make so many Ex Post bad decisions?’ Whilst there were many contributing factors, it is clear that a specific few played a particularly dominant role, primarily the ‘Bubble Theory’, irresponsible regulation, toxic CDO’s and $62 trillion of CDS’s. ‘That’sRead MoreA Review of Kacperczyk and Schnabls Article When Safe Proved Risky: Commerical Paper during the Financial Crisis of 2007-2009668 Words   |  3 Pages Scnabl trace the financial crisis of 2007 2009 via commercial paper. They describe the important role commercial paper played during the financial crisis. The working definition for commercial paper with respect to finances used in this article is as follows: Financial commercial paper is issued by large financial institutions. In contrast to asset-backed commercial paper, financial commercial paper is issued by the institution directly and not via a conduit. Also, financial commercial paper isRead MoreCauses And Effects Of The 2007865 Words   |  4 PagesEffects of the 2007 to 2009 Financial Crisis Financial crisis is a situation in which there are significant disruption in financial markets that is categorized by severe declines in asset prices and the failures of many financial and nonfinancial firms. Some of world’s greatest managed financial institutions went bankrupt and were striving for a bail out which led to government intervention to prevent a significant recession. In 2007, United State experienced one of the worst financial crisis since theRead MoreImpact of Financial Crisis on Gulf Area Essay1732 Words   |  7 PagesThe global financial crisis that was experienced in 2007/2008 affected many nations of the world. Some countries such as America and most European countries were hard hit since they were directly affected by the crisis. Other countries especially those in Asia and Africa were not adversely affected as they were not directly hit by the crisis. This crisis started in the United States after the housing bubble busted. Although the bursting of the housing bubble was the main cause of the crisis, there wereRead MoreCauses of the Financial Crisis of 2008-20091736 Words   |  7 PagesCauses of The Financial Crisis of 2007-2009 According to our financial textbook â€Å" Financial crises are major disruptions in financial markets characterized by sharp declines in asset prices and firm failures† (Mishkin and Eakins 2012). In August 2007, defaults in mortgage market for subprime borrowers sent a shudder through the financial markets, leading to the worst U.S financial crisis since the Great Depression. Alan Greenspan, chairman of the Fed, described the financial crisis as a â€Å"once-in-a-centuryRead MoreThe Global Financial Crisis Of 2007-20081123 Words   |  5 PagesThe Global Financial Crisis of 2007-2008 is the worst financial crisis since the 1930’s The Great Depression (Reuters, 2009). Even if bailouts of banks by national governments prevented the collapse of major financial institutions, worldwide stock markets continued to drop. Evictions and foreclosures overwhelmed the housing market while severed unemployment embraced the labor market (Baily and Elliot, 2009). This global financ ial crisis was responsible for the decline in the consumers’ wealth, andRead MoreVietnam And Its Effects On The United States1101 Words   |  5 Pagesopenness and (ii) Before the crisis, Vietnam was ranked the 50th and 41st among the top 50 countries with highest exports and imports relatively, accounting for 0.3% of total global exports and 0.4% of total global imports. Two majors news affecting Vietnamese exports in the seven-years period between 2001 and 2007 are the opening of the US market starting in 2001 and the joining of Vietnam into WTO in 2007. During this period, lasting until before the financial crisis, Vietnamese exports had been

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The Phenomenon Of Online Trading How Ebay And Amazon...

Project BMAM707 Research question: The phenomenon of online trading: How does eBay and Amazon became successful without having a High Street store. This Project is submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts in Management at the Westminster Business School of the University of Westminster, by Ewelina Marek 1483625 Date of submission: 27th August 2015 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: This research project was carried out to identify the reason for popularity of online shopping, to describe why eBay and Amazon became successful without having a High Street store, to compare eBay and Amazon in terms of revenues and customer’s opinions and to develop ideas on how they could improve their performance†¦show more content†¦Amazon is not able to prove that it can generate steady profits and Jeff Bezos is constantly re-investing its revenues for future growth which results in shareholders losing their patience. Recommendations discussed include: ïÆ'Ëœ Improving the quality of customer service and after sale service for eBay and Amazon ïÆ'Ëœ Decreasing amount of money that are invested in Amazon’s growth and start showing steady profits CONTENTS PAGE: 1.0 INTRODUCTION 2.0 LITERATURE REVIEW 2.1 E-commerce in general 2. 2 System users and measures of success 2.3 Consumers’ buying decisions 2.4 Privacy, security and trust 3.0 RESEARCH DESIGN - METHODOLOGY 4.0 CHAPTER 1: PRIMARY DATA COLLECTION ANALYSIS – QUESTIONNAIRE AND INTERVIEW 4.1 Questionnaire 4.2 Interview 5.0 CHAPTER 2. SECONDARY DATA COLLECTION ANALYSIS – REASONS BEHIND AMAZON’S AND EBAY’S SUCCESS 5.1 Amazon’s success 5.2 Negative side of Amazon 5.3 EBay’s success 5.4 Success stories of eBay’s sellers 5.5 Negative side of eBay 5.6 Amazon’s vs EBay’s reviews 5.7 Financial performance of eBay and Amazon 5.8 Physical online presence vs online presence only 6.0 CONCLUSION 7.0 REFERENCES 8.0 APPENDICES 8.1 Appendix A: Questionnaire 8.2 Appendix B: Interview questions 8.3 Appendix C: Library Consent Form 1.0 INTRODUCTION: This project is about finding the key to a successful online trading. First online shop was created years before the world wide web

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First Hospital HRM

Question: Discuss about theFirst Hospital HRM. Answer: Introduction Human Resource Management function has emerged as a key function for organizations (Smith, 2001). The objective of this paper is to discuss to case study of Fist Hospital. The organization, First Hospital is a mid-size hospital with 400 employees. The organization does not have a dedicated human resource function. The CEO of the hospital believes that there is no need of HRM function as they have an external HRM consultant visiting every week. However, this model has failed for the company as it has low employee satisfaction, high absenteeism, high staff grievances, etc. The paper would discuss the future course of action in HRM area for First Hospital. The benchmarking can be done against another similar size hospital that has a dedicated HR function (Canonico Nito, 2015). This hospital has excellent track record of staff retention and high employee morals. Course of Action for First Hospital Authors argued that for any organization, the human resource management function should be part of the strategic planning. The most challenging aspect of strategic planning in healthcare is the financial uncertainty created by a mix of regulations and out of control inflation. Healthcare is a multi-billion-dollar industry that take up over 17% of all the money in the economy (Benschop, 2015). Hospitals are extremely expensive to run and regulations and restrictions around reimbursing for services makes long-term planning challenging. The uncertain cost of operations often put pressure on hospitals to optimize or to minimize the number of HR managers. Whether a hospital is for-profit, non-profit, or government owned it must have a budget and make more than it spends. This means that strategic planning revolves around providing services with good reimbursement vs. a focus on providing needed services (Horowitz, 2005). Every hospital provides some services that it loses money on but it must also have services that it produces excess funds to offset these loses. Strategic planning in healthcare must take into consideration potential reimbursement issues and operating costs. One area that is often overlooked is human resources. Nurses and doctors are both in short supply and there are lots of opportunities for them to relocate or to travel and work as highly reimbursed temporary employees (Alcazar, 2013). While many healthcare professionals that work as locums are beneficial to hospitals, in general these individuals are not invested in the locale and are not going to make major, long-term contributions to any strategic plan. A strategic focus that retains and rewards local talent can realize long-term savings in decreased training costs and increased productivity. Human resources are usually the most expensive financial item for an organization but failure to manage that resource well can produce a lot of hidden costs. Individual inefficiencies are difficult to measure and are often overlooked by mangers who view employees as identical widge ts. This also means that such a strategic focus would be a differentiation strategy. People naturally want to feel appreciated and so an ability to communicate that sets an organization apart from other less personable employers (Jackson, 2014). This is also a means to high HR competence without high costs. The ability to retain personnel who are expert in their department as well as experts in the corporate culture will pay dividends. Quality is a driving force that is poised to change healthcare also. There are two ways that this happens. One is to have a lot of regulations and policies to try to hedge in quality and make it happen (Bleijenbergh, 2010). The other way is to hire and train quality professionals and empower them to give quality care. This dichotomy is being implemented in many places and it will be interesting to see how it plays out in the years ahead. The course of action could also be discussed under following heads: Minimizing the cost and failure: Human Resource Management is a major challenge in healthcare and doing more with less is the way of the foreseeable future. It is critical that the cost should be minimized while making any investment in the area of HRM. Services to Offer: The Human Resource Management function for First Hospital should offer multiple services like recruitment, performance management, appraisals, rewards, etc. Laws and regulations: It is important that the hospital should operate under the domestic laws and regulations. There are various laws that act as the guiding principles for the organizations in the health care industry. It is important that First Hospital should operate as per these laws and regulations. The step forward for First Hospital is to establish a full-fledged HR function. The organizations can start with a small HRM function. The CEO should realize that hiring an external consultant may not be the best approach. There must be an internal team of HR managers that address all the issues related to human resources (Park, 2014). The organization should take HRM function as a strategic function in the organization. The view of HRM function for First Hospital can be shown as: The future course of action for First Hospital would be to have a planning phase where the CEO and other senior leaders can take the input from various stakeholders. The phased wise plan for First Hospital can be shown as: Phase Objective Timeline Assessment HRM Planning and vision, goals and objectives 1 month Framework Development Manage change with effective communication with different stakeholders 2 months Actual Implementation Ensure that change does not impact Business as Usual 4 months Continuous Improvement Make HRM optimized and more flexible Ongoing It would be correct to say that effective communication would be a key for First Hospital to move forward. Steps that can improve the communication strategy for my organization would be to identify the goals, schedule regular meetings, breakdown goals so they fit the employees personalities, develop objectives that builds communication, ensure the plan is understood within the organization and define the plan throughout the process (Canonico Nito, 2015). It is also important that the HRM function should be tightly coupled across the employees ate various levels (Bock Zmud, 2005). The senior management and top leaders would have the responsibility to develop the policies. However, the management must include mid-level management and low-level employees. Sustainable HR Capability It is important that Human Resource Management should be process oriented so that it is sustainable in nature. Strategic human resource management (SHRM) emerged as a dominant approach to human resource management (HRM) policy during the past 30 years. However, during the last decade, a new approach to HRM has evolved. This approach has been labelled sustainable human resource management (sustainable HRM). Strategic planning for health care costs needs to be implemented at every level throwing money at the problem is not working it has had a detrimental effect on quality vs costs ratio. Capital expenditures and people are the major costs for hospitals (Janssens, 2014). Human Resource Managers need to balance improvements and costs while staying ahead of the competition. One way to do this is to retain quality people and get them to buy into the vision and mission of the organization. Happy people make for a happy work place; unhappy workers make for a bad work environment. Retention of workers is much more cost effective than continually training new hires, this is one way to combat the costs. There are five key competencies that can create sustainable HRM environment. These competencies can be discussed as: Human Resource as a Strategic Partner It is believed that High-performing HR professionals think and act from the outside/in. They are deeply knowledgeable about external business trends and able to translate them into internal decisions and actions. Human Resource as a Credible Activist The human resource managers and leaders should use the planning function is used throughout the process to determine what can be done, what should be done, and how much will it cost. The lean part of planning is to check with customers and end users to ensure that the service or goods are what are desired (McEvoy, 2012). Human Resource as a Capability Builder The human resource managers should focus on development, more precisely of leadership training, employee development, succession planning and employee incentive plans. When we talk about strategic planning we have looked at it on a company level and then down to a department level. Human Resource as a Change Champion It is important that organizations should concurrently provide support and guidance to the team that is driving the change. The human resource managers can enable start-up groups to develop their own solutions to the problems they face. Management will need to set clear standards and deadlines for these groups. This approach influences the benefits of small groups while also taking advantage of the greater scale of resources that large organizations require. This ability to control and reduce risk through business experiments, leads to a decision point (Euchner Ganguly, 2014). Human Resource as a People Voice It is important that human resource managers should gel with the employees. The human resource managers should create a culture where employees can express themselves freely. The company should have a business model that includes people and managers together at a common platform. Business Models are not something that an individual first thinks about when starting up a business but it should be. It is an important piece of the puzzle that is essential to any new or existing company. Choosing the right business model for a company is key to a companys success in both the Internet and physical world. Recommendations It is recommended that CEO of First Health should have a long-term plan for human resource management function. It is important that HRM function should be considered as a strategic function in the organization. The human resource managers are the key players in an organization and the management of First Hospital should realize the importance of HRM for long term growth and development. It is recommended that the management should be ready to handle the change that can come with the introduction of dedicated HRM function. The management should have a strategy in place to handle this change. Conclusion The CEO of First Hospital should realize that each function is necessary for the business model to be effective for the company. The value proposition is the value that is delivered to the target customers and the market segment is referring to who is getting the most benefit from the technology. The step to integrate human resource strategy with business strategy is very important in developing growth strategies for the company. The structure of the value chain is needed to expand the product or service offer and estimating the cost structure and profit is needed for the first three functions. 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