Saturday, November 23, 2019

Female Rights in Kuwait essays

Female Rights in Kuwait essays When we read reports by the western media or government agencies, such as the Human Rights Watch of the US Department of State, we note that there is a very high degree of bias against social, legal, and political, and religious practices in Arab countries. This bias is primarily due to the insistance of judging our practices, and culture, according to Western practices and culture and, naturally, there is a tremendous difference between the two. One area of concern in the West is human rights issues in Arab countries, with a strong focus on womens rights. According to the Western perspective, Arab women do not have access to the most basic human rights enjoyed by Western women, are discriminated against by law, and are denied any effective role in their societies. The West incorrectly assumes that such abuse is established by Islam. In fact, the Quran explicitly establishes gender equality, contrary to Western perceptions of it supporting gender discrimination. In Sura 3, Vers e 195 it states that be it man or woman, each of you is equal to the other (Gender Equality In Islam 1). Islamic law, as defined by both the Quran and the Prophets Hadith, outlines womens economic, political and social rights, further prohibiting all form of violence against females (An Islamic Perspective of Violence Against Women 1). The simple fact is, however, Arab culture and practices, as defined by Islam, are different from those of the West as are concepts regarding female rights. Apart from voting, Kuwaiti women have access to their Islamic rights and, consequently, are among the most highly educated in the region, are economically active, and are involved in organizations demanding the implementation of the political rights. The western media and human rights organizations state that Kuwait does not recognize the rights of its female population, and that the legal system actively encoura...

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