Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Follow Your Heart Essay Example For Students

Follow Your Heart Essay Its such a big part of my life that I cant live without it. If you think about it, youll notice that its all around you. Its so simple, but its also so meaningful! Finally, and best of all, anybody can love it as much as I do. This it, this wonderful thing is called art. I discovered art when I was little; its inspiring qualities pulled me in like a magnet. Never before have I experienced something so wonderful. Its so meaningful to me because no matter what mood Im in, I can always be creative with whichever medium I choose. Art has helped me through the tough times, the sad times, and the boring times. When I feel calm and relaxed, I like to paint realistically. When I feel mixed and confused, I like abstract art. When I feel focused, I sculpt. Art isnt an outlet for my angerif Im angry when I am needle pointing, it doesnt end well. Instead, art brings joy to my life! There is no right or wrong way in art because you get to be creative. There are no rules in creativity; you just have to follow your heart. You get to express your personality or mood. I realized you need something to keep yourself occupied when things in life bother you. It doesnt have to be art; it could be dance, soccer, baking or anything else you like! Hobbies are important because they keep you happy. It is important to follow your heart and enjoy what you do in your life. Art fulfills my life; I love it so much I cant explain it. I realized that every single thing in the world is a masterpiece. Somebody had to lace up your shoes, somebody had to sew your shirt, and somebody had to paint so one day you could see it in the museum. You see, everything in the world is a piece of art, even if some may not realize it. Without art, there would be no colour. I believe I live on a piece of art: the planet Earth. I remember the memories of my trip to India as if it happened only yesterday. I was ten-years-old, and I was visiting the southern part of India to see relatives. I was most thrilled to see my sister-cousin, who is only a couple of years younger than me. She is my cousin, but we are as close as sisters. We finally reached Hyderabad, the city where my family lived. The weather was always pleasant with a temperate breeze that accompanied each warm sunray. It was here that I experienced the best part of my trip visiting my relatives. My family is dreadfully vast, so I hadnt yet met every one of my relations. Well, guess what? It was my aunts wedding. A wedding is the most convenient time to chat, visit, and meet with new people. I was thrilled because it was the very first wedding that I could carefully observe. Ive learned that Indian weddings can last for 3 days at the minimum, and a week at the maximum. The guests and the bride had to change their traditional clothes about three times during the ceremony. I loved gazing at the dazzling traditional outfits like the sari, the churidar, and the gagra. Next, I enjoyed the lush green fields in the village that stretch as wide as the sea. I allowed the soft breeze to blow my loose hair onto my delighted face.

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